Clysar_PO Film

All-Purpose HP Gold/VHG Films

Clysar’s most popular multi-purpose film, HP Gold’s balance of performance and value makes it the film of choice for applications from multi-packs to consumer goods. Extremely operator-friendly and easy to run, HP Gold handles high production speeds and a wide range of operating windows while delivering strong, reliable seals. Plus, its high shrink force and strength makes it great for bundling, or handling products with irregular shapes or air voids.

Anti-Fog AFG Films

Clysar AFG is a special polyolefin film with a proprietary anti-fog treatment that wicks condensation away from the film surface for a crystal clear product view. Ideal for moist or respiring products like fruit, vegetables and fresh prepared foods, AFG film offers the soft feel, tough protection and easy-running performance of our multi-purpose films.

High-Abuse ShrinkBox® Clear Films

Think of Clysar® ShrinkBox® as a tough, clear, protective box that shrinks to your product…with the power to lower your cost per package*! This popular high-abuse film is replacing cardboard boxes or heavy polyethylene film for retail and other products that can profit from a clear product view. Strong, tough and sparkling clear, ShrinkBox® polyolefin film has the highest shrink and strength of any of our films. It conforms to any product size and profile, and runs reliably on conventional shrinkwrapping equipment.


Established in 1963, Clysar is wholly owned by Cove Point Portfolio Holdings. Clysar manufactures high-performance polyolefin shrink films for a wide variety of packaging applications. Today, our product line includes a complete portfolio of distinctly different and innovative films. Clysar has worldwide operations with over 300 employees at manufacturing facilities located in Clinton, Iowa.

High-Abuse ShrinkBox® Confidential Films

Clysar’s EZ films set the standard in fast, easy-to-run “stiff” films for static lap or high-speed wire seal applications, and speeds of more than 80 packages per minute. Exceptionally clear and sparkling, these polypropylene films offer a true “balanced” shrink for a taut, all-around wrap with no dog-ears or crow’s feet. A great choice for premium appearance combined with rugged performance throughout distribution.

Low Shrink Force LE Gold Films

oday! That means its gentle, balanced shrink at low temperatures delivers exceptionally clear, beautifully wrapped packages. Yet it won’t deform, bend or collapse thin, flimsy or delicate products. LE Gold is also a great choice for PVC replacement.

Trayloc® Tray Overwrap

Trayloc® overwrap film is your best choice for overwrapping low-profile foam, paperboard or rigid poly trays. This custom-engineered film achieves greater productivity; unsurpassed sealing for leak-free packages; and wrinkle-free consumer appeal. Available in standard or anti-fog technologies, Trayloc® tray overwrap offers the industry’s most advanced properties to show and sell fresh chicken and sausage.

“Wrap Anything” ABL Films

The name says it all: Clysar® ABL is a tough, versatile soft film that’s able to wrap anything, no matter what the product shape or height. Designed for L-bar sealers and applications requiring lower processing temperatures, ABL delivers high all-around shrink and strong seals. The result? Beautiful, crisply wrapped packaging that shines on shelf, but is tough enough to resist punctures, tears and pilfering.